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Finding alternative to fossil fuel vehicles

In the quest for finding alternative to fossil fuel vehicles, two movements emerged in the 20th century: fuel cell powered cars and battery powered electric cars.

Due to the enormous expenses and the lack of SOP on fuel cells which remained in the field of niche application (namely aerospace), battery powered electric car popularized non fossil vehicles first. However even if the popularity of TESLA enabled a growing acceptance of the battery powered electric car, the problem of the range of the electric vehicle has yet to be solved. MAGNUM offers a solution and the key to the global acceptance of electric vehicles and will enable China to be once again the leader in EV manufacturing worldwide.

MAGNUM is a well known for its fuel cell technology and the manufacturing and supply of fuel cell test equipment. It has a long history and huge experience in vehicle dynamics and automotive electronics, especially in hydraulic and electric drive trains and buses. Recently MAGNUM developed a fuel cell-based range extender called PIREX for light-weight electric vehicles in city applications.

MAGNUM plans to expand the capabilities of PIREX (Plug in Range Extender) for application in bigger and heavier vehicles and long-range missions.

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