MAGNUM New Energy Co., Ltd. has fully independent intellectual property rights and is the developer, and manufacturer of PLISS. The technology focuses on the new polymer lithium battery technology platform rendering MAGNUM KUNSHAN GUOKE  the world’s frontier new energy battery technology. The technology is in the international leading position in electrode composites, battery integration structure and large-scale production. The company is currently the first of battery internal solid-state polymer interface film-forming technology enterprise. MAGNUM  can produce all materials of the battery (including lithium cobalt acid, lithium manganese acid , lithium ion phosphate, ternary materials, etc.). All within safety standard and high performance.

PLISS is a Lithium Ion battery consisting of a minimal amount of cells in a solid state form capable of high energy density in the safest environment.

Products include large mono cell (capacity 50ah~1000ah) and battery packs, the main application areas of the package including 3C electronics, mobile terminals, solar energy, light electric vehicles, pure electric cars, hybrid EV and energy storage.

Through continuous technical research, product performance and  meticulous quality control, MAGNUM KUNSHAN GUOKE has achieved the world’s mainstream enterprise technology level.

The company has made sustainable  improvements to the material formulation, completed the test of 20 recipes (formulas), accumulated a certain amount of experimental data, so that the company’s products can meet a variety of needs. The company 50AH battery has passed the National Power Battery Testing Center Tianjin automobile Industry Research Institute test


The Polymer Lithium Battery as the 21st Century Lithium Battery

  • The electrolyte using polymer material lithium battery is in its structure and process much more advanced than the traditional liquid lithium battery. The polymer material lithium battery is more advanced, through the use of polar polymer membrane or polar-non-polar-polar composite polymer membrane not only polymer electrolyte base interface system, and completely solves the battery interface compatibility withthe battery construction steps.


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